Research Interests:

  • Methodology: Mathematical Modeling, Multi-objective Optimization, Multi-Criteria Decision Making, Decision Support Systems, Machine Learning, Econometrics, Evolutionary Algorithms
  • Application: Sustainable Supply Chain, Healthcare Analytics, Humanitarian Supply Chain, Scheduling, Group Decision Making

Selected Publications:

  • Rabiee, M., Aslani, B., Rezaei, J. (2021). A decision support system for detecting and handling biased decision-makers in multi criteria group decision-making problems. Expert Systems with Applications, forthcoming.
  • Jafarian, A., Rabiee, M., & Tavana, M. (2020). A novel multi-objective co-evolutionary approach for supply chain gap analysis with consideration of uncertainties. International Journal of Production Economics, 228, 107852.
  • Rabiee, M., Zandieh, M., & Ramezani, P. (2012). Bi-objective partial flexible job shop scheduling problem: NSGA-II, NRGA, MOGA and PAES approaches. International Journal of Production Research, 50(24),7327-7342.
  • Jolai, F., Rabiee, M., & Asefi, H. (2012). A novel hybrid meta-heuristic algorithm for a no-wait flexible flow shop scheduling problem with sequence dependent setup times. International Journal of Production Research, 50(24), 7447-7466.
  • Rabiee, M., Zandieh, M., & Jafarian, A. (2012). Scheduling of a no-wait two-machine flow shop with sequence-dependent setup times and probable rework using robust meta-heuristics. International Journal of Production Research, 50(24), 7428-7446.

Submitted and Working Papers:

  • An interactive decision support system for real-time ambulance relocation with demand prioritization, Joint work with Dursun Delen, Mahdi Hajiali and Ebrahim Teimoury, (Major revision at Decision Support Systems).
  • A decision support system for multi-objective automatic clustering: a framework development, Joint work with Mona Jabbari, Shaya Sheikh and Asil Oztekin, (Major revision at Decision Support Systems).
  • Large-Scale Group Decision-Making and Rank Clustering-Joint work with Ali Fattahi and Babak Aslani, (Under Review at Operations Research), Available at SSRN.
  • An Integrated Decision Support System for Multi-Target Forecasting: A Case Study of Energy Load Prediction For a Solar-Powered Residential House-Joint work with Shaya Sheikh, Asil Oztekin and Murtaza Nasir, (Under Review at Computers & Industrial Engineering).
  • Insights into the sustainable supplier selection and order allocation problem-Joint work with Joseph Sarkis and Babak Aslani, (In final preparation to be submitted to Annals of Operations Research).
  • A Cooperative Incentive Design for Dialysis Rural Networks (Working paper)